Mayor John Tecklenburg – City of Charleston

Published On August 16, 2019 | By Tony Berenyi | General

Tony and Mayor Tecklenburg discuss many of Charleston’s accomplishments over the past few years, key components of effective leadership, and importance of service.

  • Mayor Tecklenburg answered the call to serve after being in public life for 30 years.
  • Leaders are people who are good listeners.
  • “Compromise is not a dirty word.”
  • Getting control of the hotel growth and development was a point of emphasis.
  • Charleston is working to get a handle on the storm water and drainage for the future.
  • Mobility and affordable housing are also core issues for the long-term success of the city.
  • Central responsibility of government is to keep citizens safe.
  • Housing and assistance programs were developed to end “tent cities” in the Charleston area.
  • “Be Yourself, Follow Your Faith”
  • Different perspectives all bring unique experience to the discussion and it needs to be respected.

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