Giff Daughtridge – VP and Gen. Manager of Nucor Steel Berkeley

Published On October 5, 2016 | By Tony Berenyi | Business Leader

Tony and Mr. Giff Daughtridge discuss what it means to assemble a good team, keeping your team invested, and how to handle leadership opportunities when they present themselves.

  • giff-daughtridgeGetting the opportunity to work around people that you like and respect makes everything easier.
  • The elevator to success is constant growth.  Take the time to learn on a daily basis.
  • Hiring the right people to your team makes tasks that may be difficult (incentivizing the workforce or motivating the team) much easier.
  • You get more out of your team if each member feels like their input is valued.
  • As a leader, you have to make the best decision you can. Do not shy away from it.
  • Integrity is the number one component for the leader and the team to make the right long term right decision.
  • The best way to get promoted is to just do a good job and take your job seriously.
  • As a leader and to sustain a successful company, it is important to genuinely care about your employees and make the right decisions that will be in their and the company’s best interest.
  • Anger has no place in the work place. You can discipline and do what you need to do to get the most out of your team, but take the emotion out of it.
  • Learn from the people around you. Expose yourself to as much as you can to learn as much as you can.
  • If you ever are fortunate enough to get promoted, do not expect to have all the answers right away. Do not be afraid to ask questions to the people around you.


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