Don Migliori – Motley Rice LLC, Partner

Published On November 18, 2015 | By Tony Berenyi | Business Leader

Mr. Don Migliori is a respected attorney and managing partner with the prestigious Motley Rice LLC. In this interview Tony and Don discuss the topics below:

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  • Humility and respect are tied together.
  • Charleston and Motley Rice LLC are blessed with so many great leaders that serve as role models for the community.
  • Respect is earned and take time and dedication to doing what is “right”.
  • The importance of getting along with others, especially those whose opinion differs than your own.
  • Keys to communication.
  • Keys to listening.
  • Continuous Excellence improvement.
  • You have to care and want to help others.
  • Role models and the importance of mentors.
  • Learn from others, especially great role models, and then have the courage to execute.
  • The importance of understanding the perspective of a jury.
  • Seek to understand first, then to be understood.


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