Mayor John Tecklenburg – City of Charleston

Published On August 16, 2019 | By Tony Berenyi | General

Tony and Mayor Tecklenburg discuss many of Charleston’s accomplishments over the past few years, key components of effective leadership, and importance of service.

  • Mayor Tecklenburg answered the call to serve after being in public life for 30 years.
  • Leaders are people who are good listeners.
  • “Compromise is not a dirty word.”
  • Getting control of the hotel growth and development was a point of emphasis.
  • Charleston is working to get a handle on the storm water and drainage for the future.
  • Mobility and affordable housing are also core issues for the long-term success of the city.
  • Central responsibility of government is to keep citizens safe.
  • Housing and assistance programs were developed to end “tent cities” in the Charleston area.
  • “Be Yourself, Follow Your Faith”
  • Different perspectives all bring unique experience to the discussion and it needs to be respected.

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4 Responses to Mayor John Tecklenburg – City of Charleston

  1. Tammy Miller says:

    We really enjoyed the podcast. It was great listening to Mayor Tecklenburg and his prospective on

  2. Barron Scott Nason, MD says:

    Well done. That is the most in depth interview that I have hear to date with our mayor. Thank you for taking such a strong interest in our civic leaders.

  3. Ingrid Elena Pavia says:

    You’re a good soul, Tony. Sharing strengths, work ethics, and your commitment to a greater good is rare, but so vital to the individual and our collective benevolence.

    I tried liking this, but it doesn’t indicate that above under FB. Is there something I need to do or does the page need an update?

  4. Ingrid Elena Pavia says:

    Listening to this, I heard Mayor Tecklenburg discussing his heartfelt, soft spoken drive to be persistent. Ending one of those thoughts he said, “I have to stick with it.” It struck me as a stark contrast to others who would just be happy to “stick it to the masses”.

    I don’t live in the vicinity any longer, but I
    have L💞VED ones who do and wish to thrive in the Low Country, so please know that I’m grateful for these pursuits you’re addressing.

    And thank you, Tony, for highlighting the best to what we aspire.

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